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Ski and Snowboard Lessons for All Levels
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Ski and Snowboard Lessons
for All Levels

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Learn how

Learn how to ski and snowboard before you go outside! Indoor ski lessons save you precious time and money with efficiency.

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Accelerate the learning curve, improve your technique, refresh your abilities and get those ski legs ready for the season!

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Master your

Master your parallel turns, increase your edging angels, and race real Olympic replica courses from around the world!

Practice Like the
Pros Do

Our ski simulators are used and trusted by Olympians on the US Ski & Snowboard Team, which means you can trust them too.

The PSIA and AASI helped us design a simulator-based program for teaching beginners through advanced skiers and snowboarders indoors and help transfer skills onto the snow.

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Watch your progress in real time, track your stats, and polish up your technique with our ski simulator.

Fitness that is Actually Fun!

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Reignite your passion for a healthy lifestyle with gamified sports simulators.

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Our high-intensity cardio can burn 700-1000 kcal in just 30-minutes.

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These full-body exercises build muscle all around and even work your tiny stabilizer muscles.

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These sports simulators have adjustable difficulty for all levels of athletes.

Gift Simulator Sessions
to Someone Special

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Great for Everyone

Suitable for all ages 8 years old and above. All abilities and skill levels are welcome!

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Have Fun and Break a Sweat

These full-body workouts feel like you’re playing a video game.

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Gift Certificates are valid for 1 year from the purchase date!

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We will send you an online gift certificate within 24 hours after payment.


With over 15 years of thriving experience in indoor skiing all over the world, our team can help you build the best strategy for a profitable business with ski machines.

Steven Nyman - US Ski Team, Worldcup winner Downhill -
Steven Nyman
US Ski Team, World Cup Winner Downhill

"A great way to teach people how to get over the outside ski, learn that proper movement in transition, movement with the core.”

Sasha Rearik - US Ski Team Men's Head Coach - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Sasha Rearick
US Ski Team Men’s Head Coach

“Getting on the Ski Simulator is going to prepare you physically to ski more volume, so you can improve you upper-lower body separation, hip angulation, rolling your knee and ankle. It’s so hard to replicate conditioning outside of the snow. SkyTech Simulator is by far the closest thing we’ve seen to it.”

Andrew Weidrecht - US Ski Team, two time Olympic Medalist - about the SkyTechSport snowsports simulator
Andrew Weibrecht
US Ski Team, Two-time Olympic medalist

“You’re not gonna hurt yourself, there’s no stress, and you still get the movements of skiing, feel how the forces are going to react on your body."

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Terms and Conditions

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All sessions are by appointment only.

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All packages expire 1 year from the date when they are bought.

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These are serious workouts! In case of pre-existing conditions make sure to get a green light from your physician.

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Session times include full simulator access. Free to come 15-minutes early to change, get ready, and warm up. After training, you may stay for stretching and cool down for up to 15-minutes.